Meet the Red Team

I collected these from my crontab during MACCDC 2015 regionals, running phonehome_script -h [hacker_handle]

This list is not comprehensive. This list is not meant to frame or outline who-is the “enemy”, the Red Team in not the enemy.

Instead, it is a list of excellent hackers you should be following on twitter and read their blogs. Use this as a resource. These guys & gals will keep you up-to-date on the latest security trends, exploits, and politics. They might even drop a dime about CCDC once in a while.

You can also use this as a resource for incident reports by tying a person to a handle through social media profiles.

dlcowen: @HECFBlog – &
mubix: @mubix &
r00t0v3rr1d3: @r00t0v3rr1d3 –
m0r3sh311s: &
jofo: @jofo
skolor: @skolor
genxweb: @genxweb –
phat32: @phat32
recompiler: @recompiler
cylus@cylussec &
mstaint: @mstaint
Marqo09: @marqo09
rsmudge2015: @rsmudge & @amitagehacker
warezjoe: @warezjoe

cat /etc/crontab
cat /etc/crontab

2 thoughts on “Meet the Red Team”

  1. I’ve heard your accident, and very deeply sorry to hear about your accident. Anyway I’m not part of redteam and this is the first time I heard about readteam. anyway, what’s ccdblueteam is all about ? is this a security site?


    1. sw0rdm4n,
      CCDC is a “Cyber Defense Competition” for colleges. The ‘RedTeam” are attackers or hackers. Some of which I have linked at the top of my page under “Learn From…”. The BlueTeam’s are the defenders from different colleges across the country.

      For more information on the competition I would take a look at the National CCDC website.(

      During the Qualifying round for the Mid-Atlantic region in 2015 one of the RedTeamers used your rootkit against me (I was a blueteamer).

      The system that was attacked was not a live system but instead was part of a virtual environment used for the competition, so no harm was done to a production server.

      CCDCBlueTeam is a blog site I created to try and give past, present and future competitors a place to share their experiences.

      This is not a ‘security site’ per se, but does deal with network and system security as it apply’s to the competition.


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