A Face for Radio.

On Friday, I attended, as an observer, the 2016 MACCDC Regionals @ JHU-APL. Upon arrival I was asked to sign in. I was given a visitor’s badge, a pamphlet and a few other flyers. I put the lanyard from the badge over my head, threw the rest in my backpack and proceeded to the mezzanine. I mingled and chatted with old friends: blue teamers, red teamers, black teamers and some sponsors. I hung out for a couple hours and went home to begin my weekend.

Monday morning came around, I was getting my laptop out of my backpack and noticed the MACCDC pamphlet still in my pack. I took it out, put it on the desk. While waiting for my laptop to start, trying to escape the Monday morning fog I was sipping my coffee and openned the MACCDC pamphlet to the table of contents and started reading.

Something caught my eye to the left of the table of contents.


My picture.

Inside Cover
Inside Cover

To see a full pdf of the Visitor Pamphlet MACCDC_2016_Pamphlet.


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