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Hello Old Friend.

Welcome back!

This site is about sharing the experiences of CCDC. Sharing the experiences from all sides, Red Teams, Blue Teams, Black Teams, White Teams, etc….

This site is about enlightening the freshmen in college who is thinking about joining their CCDC team for what they can expect.

Maybe the white teams can use our opinions here to see how other regional host and hold their competitions so they can all continually improve.

I didn’t want to just regurgitate information that is already out there. I wanted to give a deeper incite to what it is like. If you have built your team right with the correct people the friendships you forge will follow you throughout your career.

I have remained friends with members from all my years of playing and the coaches and staff who support CCDC.

My current job and position all came to me from a recommendation from a former CCDC teammate.

My opinions and advice are only derived from my time participating/attending MACCDC qualifiers and regionals.

My intentions were not to develop a blog site that gave away the secret plans, scripts and guides for ‘winning’ CCDC. There is no secret way to ‘win’ CCDC. You just have to have to most points.

I wanted to create a community. A place where like minded men and women could share their experiences.

I wanted others to share their stories. Stories of:

  • What their teams did for fun?
  • How they practiced?
  • Advice to give to first time blue teamers.
  • What they remember about Qualifiers/Regionals/Nationals?
  • Greatest/Worst moments.
  • How CCDC has helped them: in school/in career?

The bottom line is: I just love CCDC and the friendships and the things learned along the way. That’s why I do this!

Come, share your story. Do you have something you want to share? Reach-out to me in a comment below.