Learn from Blue Teamers

Here you will find links to write-ups and blogs related past CCDC’s. They are sorted from newest to oldest. If you have anything to submit please share.

https://jordanpotti.com/ccdc/ – Blue Team resources and commentary

https://github.com/jordanpotti/ccdc – GitHub of CCDC resources

https://mediaspace.kennesaw.edu/media/SECCDC – Video Testimonials from SECCDC 2015

http://blog.danielpany.com – MACCDC 2015 Qualifiers

http://ctf.forgottensec.com – Historical CCDC information last updated 2014

http://packetinspection.blogspot.com – MACCDC 2014: Sahana Eden Write-up

http://packetinspection.blogspot.com – MACCDC 2013: A Blue Teamer’s Lessons Learned

http://msimmons.ws – Illinois state historical topologies. 2010 -2012


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